The Big Bad City (87th Precinct, #49) Ed McBain

ISBN: 9780340728048

Published: 1999


320 pages


The Big Bad City (87th Precinct, #49)  by  Ed McBain

The Big Bad City (87th Precinct, #49) by Ed McBain
1999 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 320 pages | ISBN: 9780340728048 | 5.48 Mb

Ed McBain is the only American winner of the coveted Diamond Dagger Award, and he is also a past recipient of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award. So, when a reader picks up the latest installment of McBains 87th Precinct series, the bar is set pretty high. But with The Big Bad City, McBain meets expectations.

In the opening pages, Steve Carella and Artie Brown return to the department with 9 basketball players (the 10th player was murdered) only to discover a knife fight erupting in a holding cell. Its a steamy August night, and Carella and Detective Parker end up having to shoot one of the fighters to cool things down. Then Meyer and Kling enter the scene- theyre hot in pursuit of the Cookie Boy, a thief who leaves chocolate-chip cookies at every crime sight. Before the interminable day is done, Carella and Brown are called out to Grover Park to investigate a homicide.

A nun has been strangled to death, but shes no ordinary Sister. Shes got signs of a breast augmentation operation that hint at a sordid past. Finally, readers are privy to a conversation between Juju and Sonny. Sonny killed a cops dad, and Juju is convinced that the police will bend the rules to see that Sonny winds up dead. Juju insists that the only way out of the death trap is to kill the cop first. The officers name is Steve Carella. And all of this happens in the first 15 pages.McBain is one of the artists of the police procedural.

Though his city is fictional, it breathes with the darkness and gritty reality of many American cities. He enters the minds and hearts of his characters to uncover the daily insecurities that accompany the work of policemen. Readers new to the 87th Precinct will want to venture back to such tales as 1956s Cop Hater, 1964s Ax, and 1965s Doll, among the 47 installments in this series. Those whove been along for the ride will be happy they did not give up their seat. --Patrick OKelley

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